Have I mentioned that I’m going to Africa?

If not, it’s because I haven’t quite wrapped my brain around it yet. I think I’m in denial.

So I’ve been donating and helping raise money for the Liberty School in Bikeke, Kenya and a few other projects such as women’s vocational training for several years. My dad and stepmom go to these places twice a year and are involved in coming alongside these projects that are started and run by local people who have a passion for helping others. About a year ago I started working with my stepmom and niece, and then with several other ladies, on a project making reusable menstrual pads for the girls at the school so that they are able to comfortably continue attending school during their periods every month. Last fall they took kits for 25-ish girls, and this spring they took 150 kits! I kept saying that I wanted to go someday, and “next time when I go, blah blah blah!” Well, apparently next time is here.

In November me and Will are going to be heading to Liberty School, bringing along not only more menstrual pad kits and training on hygiene and menstruation (haha Will doesn’t have to do that part!), but also some encouragement for the teachers and staff, maybe some fun activities for the kids (math puzzles???) and our inquiring minds to learn as much as we can while we are there about what God is doing and what their needs are and how we can help. We will also be in Nairobi for a while, and then in western Kenya visiting some of the house church leaders that my dad trains over there, and their churches and farms. Me and Will. In Africa. Can you picture it?

It seems abstract still, so I’m not totally nervous yet. I think this will be a life changing experience. Even though I have followed along with the travel blogs and looked at the pictures, and fundraised, and contributed, and spent many hours sewing for the girls there, I know it will really bring home the reality that so many millions are facing in the world today that is SOOOO far removed from my everyday experiences.

My leave request from work is already submitted and approved, we’ve got our passports, and we’re buying plane tickets and Visas tomorrow! OMG!

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9 thoughts on “Have I mentioned that I’m going to Africa?”

  1. We wish you well in whatever you do! I, for one think that you will go just to experience their lives as it is! If you do go, take care of yourself from the uninspected!!!

  2. Oh “denial!” When I heard this I thought “I’m pretty sure the Nile is in Africa.”

    Ok … I’m sorry I made such a lame pun on your Africa post. I’m not surprised. After your 22 hour trip to Herndon VA I expect you are convinced that you can travel anywhere.

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