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Mermaids, by Hollie Poetry

Poem written about drowned refugee babies. Not this most recent occurrence but a previous occurrence. Loved the imagery.

I hope they find you baby
on play-mat ocean floors
I hope they make you seaweed sheets and wrap you warm on sandy reefs
I hope the corals sway for you your oyster rattles clutched in hands,
pearls shake with open-eyed amazement watching seahorse bubble bands.
I hope the mermaids sing for you and curve the waves to lull your sleep
I hope your tears are wiped by mother octopuses’ eight great feet
I hope you land so softly babies, float onto the ocean’s floor

and hope that we learn up above to welcome people to our shores

to help them out of fleeing boats and let them live upon our lands
too late for you I pray you both sank safely into mermaids’ hands.

Hollie Poetry: